AMCAT - Verbal Ability and English Set 4

AMCAT English Topic Wise Questions

Number of Questions: 25 || Module Duration: 25 min

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Paper 4

The Kingdom of Spain was created in 1492 with the unification of the Kingdom of Castile and the Kingdom of Aragon. For the next three centuries Spain was the most important colonial power in the world. It was the most powerful state in Europe and the foremost global power during the 16th century and the greater part of the 17th century. Spain established a vast empire in the Americas, stretching from California to Patagonia, and colonies in the western Pacific.

Spain's European wars, however, led to economic damage, and the latter part of the 17th century saw a gradual decline of power under an increasingly neglectful and inept Habsburg regime. The decline culminated in the War of the Spanish Succession, where Spain's decline from the position of a leading Western power, to that of a secondary one, was confirmed, although it remained the leading colonial power.

The eighteenth century saw a new dynasty, the Bourbons, which directed considerable effort towards the institutional renewal of the state, with some success, peaking in a successful involvement in the American War of Independence.

The end of the eighteenth and the start of the nineteenth centuries saw turmoil unleashed throughout Europe by the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, which finally led to a French occupation of much of the continent, including Spain. This triggered a successful but devastating war of independence that shattered the country and created an opening for what would ultimately be the successful independence of Spain's mainland American colonies.

Following a period of growing political instability in the early twentieth century, in 1936 Spain was plunged into a bloody civil war. The war ended in a nationalist dictatorship, led by Francisco Franco which controlled the Spanish government until 1975.

Select the correct answer option based on the passage.

Amcat-Q1:  What was the result of Napoleanic wars?
a) A small part of the continent was occupied by French people
b) Spain was occupied by the French
c) War of independence was unable to yield any positive result
d) American colonies were destroyed after the war

Answer : b

Amcat-Q2:  What is the meaning of the term 'culminated'?
a) Follow a particular path
b) Guide or transform
c) Reach the highest point
d) Introduce on a grand scale

Answer : b

Amcat-Q3: What is the summary of the passage?
a) The rise and fall of a national empire
b) The downfall of successive regimes in Spain
c) The history of Spain
d) Spain in eighteenth century

Answer : c

Amcat-Q4:  What occurred in the latter part of 17th century?
a) War of succession confirmed the leading position of Spain
b) Spain was no longer regarded as the ruling colonial power
c) A vast empire was established in Europe
d) Power steadily declined under Habsburg regime

Answer :  d

Amcat-Q5: these clothes are very nice,but the are terribly ________________
a) ugly
b) overpriced
c) desired
d) adorable

Answer : b

Amcat-Q6 : Find out any grammatical error or not?
(A )His Low marks in English
(B) suggested that he did
(C) not know nothing
(D) about the language
(E) No error

Answer  c

Amcat-Q7: Find grammatical error.
A) Big brands like Sony, Samsung and
(B) Nokia have been launched many phones having latest
(C) features like facebook application, orkut tool and much more.

1. (A)
3. (C)
4. No error

Answer : b

Amcat-Q8: choose the alternative part to the quotation part
She "HAS LIVED" in chennai she was eight years
b)Has been Living
c)Had Stayed
d)is living

Answer :c


(Screenshot taken while taking AMCAT test)

Amcat-Q10: His recent success_____him more arrogant than what he used to be.
1. make
2. have make him
3. has made
4. was making

Amcat-Q11:   Sheaf is related to Corn as …… is related to Books.
Op 1: Library
Op 2: Pile
Op 3: Anthology
Op 4: Shop

Answer : Op  2

Amcat-Q12:  Income Tax : Direct :: ?
Op 1: Import : Custom Duty
Op 2: Sale Tax : Indirect
Op 3: Export : Subsidy
Op 4: Wealth Tax : Wealth

Answer : Op 2

Amcat-Q13:   Newton : Gravitation :: ?
Op 1: Marie Curie : Uranium
Op 2: Kalpana : Rocket
Op 3: Archimedes : Buoyancy
Op 4: Davies : Safety Lamp

Answer : Op 3

Amcat-Q14:   Polygon : Perimeter :: ?
Op 1: Triangle : Angles
Op 2: Circle : Circumference
Op 3: Semi-circle : Arc
Op 4: Square : Area

Answer : Op 2

Amcat-Q15:  Confute : Rebut :: Repellent : ?
Op 1: Pusher
Op 2: Attractive
Op 3: Repugnant
Op 4: Spray

Answer : Op 3

Amcat-Q16:  NDA: BJP :: ? : Congress
Op 1: UPS
Op 2: PUA
Op 3: UPA
Op 4: NPA

Answer : Op 3

Amcat-Q17:  Abduct : Kidnap :: ?
Op 1: Pilfer : Steal
Op 2: Derail : Further
Op 3: Jump: Enjoy
Op 4: Clarify : Cuneal

Answer : Op 1

Amcat-Q18:   Monolith : Rock :: ?
Op 1: Continent : Ocean
Op 2: Tor : Lea
Op 3: Grain : Sand
Op 4: Cataract : Waterfall

Answer : Op 4

Amcat-Q19:  To find whether there is any error or not?
A)Green home cleaning can be a tiny
(B)and imperative step in
(c)balancing and preserving our nature
d)No error

Amcat-Q20:  Directions: In the following question a part of the sentence is underlined. Beneath each sentence there are four ways of phrasing the underlined part. Choose the answer that expresses most effectively what is presented in the original sentence. The boss was very displeased for my conduct.
(1) on my conduct
(2) to my conduct
(3) at my conduct
(4) in my conduct

Answer : 3

Amcat-Q21: Films are becoming a medium of cultural contacts,good relations and______among different countries.

Answer : c

Amcat-Q22 :  Select the word which is OPPOSITE in the meaning of the given word: INDISCREET
a) Reliable
b) Honest
c) Prudent
d) Stupid

Answer : c

Amcat-Q23: i want ramesh and she to be the captain for the rest of the year.
a her to be the captains for the rest of the year.
b she to be the captain for the rest of the year.
c her as the captains for the rest of the year.
d she both be captains for the rest of the year.

Answer : c

Amcat-Q24 : Conceited(Meaning)

Answer: 1

Amcat-Q25 : Find out any grammatical error or not?
(A)Yauhan do not understand
(B) the importance of money as
(C)he never had to earn himsellf
d)No error

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