Reverse a Doubly Linked List

Reverse a Doubly Linked List

Write a C function to reverse a given Doubly Linked List
See below diagrams for example.
     (a) Original Doubly Linked List  

     (b) Reversed Doubly Linked List  

Here is a simple method for reversing a Doubly Linked List. All we need to do is swap prev and next pointers for all nodes, change prev of the head (or start) and change the head pointer in the end.
/* Program to reverse a doubly linked list */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
/* a node of the doubly linked list */
struct node
  int data;
  struct node *next;
  struct node *prev;   
/* Function to reverse a Doubly Linked List */
void reverse(struct node **head_ref)
     struct node *temp = NULL; 
     struct node *current = *head_ref;
     /* swap next and prev for all nodes of
       doubly linked list */
     while (current !=  NULL)
       temp = current->prev;
       current->prev = current->next;
       current->next = temp;             
       current = current->prev;
     /* Before changing head, check for the cases like empty
        list and list with only one node */
     if(temp != NULL )
        *head_ref = temp->prev;
/* Function to insert a node at the beginging of the Doubly Linked List */
void push(struct node** head_ref, int new_data)
    /* allocate node */
    struct node* new_node =
            (struct node*) malloc(sizeof(struct node));
    /* put in the data  */
    new_node->data  = new_data;
    /* since we are adding at the begining,
      prev is always NULL */
    new_node->prev = NULL;
    /* link the old list off the new node */
    new_node->next = (*head_ref);   
    /* change prev of head node to new node */
    if((*head_ref) !=  NULL)
      (*head_ref)->prev = new_node ;   
    /* move the head to point to the new node */
    (*head_ref)    = new_node;
/* Function to print nodes in a given doubly linked list
   This function is same as printList() of singly linked lsit */
void printList(struct node *node)
   printf("%d ", node->data);
   node = node->next;
/* Drier program to test above functions*/
int main()
  /* Start with the empty list */
  struct node* head = NULL;
  /* Let us create a sorted linked list to test the functions
   Created linked list will be 10->8->4->2 */
  push(&head, 2);
  push(&head, 4);
  push(&head, 8);
  push(&head, 10);
  printf("\n Original Linked list ");
  /* Reverse doubly linked list */
  printf("\n Reversed Linked list ");
Time Complexity: O(n)
We can also swap data instead of pointers to reverse the Doubly Linked List. Method used for reversing array can be used to swap data. Swapping data can be costly compared to pointers if size of data item(s) is more.
Please write comments if you find any of the above codes/algorithms incorrect, or find better ways to solve the same problem.

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