Oracle Interview Experience

ROUND 1:  Aptitude


Write a program to identify the first repeating integer in an array.
Greedy approach based questions.

Explained the project and was asked to draw a database design for my project and also to normalize them and various queries regarding the design.
Write a code to count the maximum number of bugs that can be placed in a M*N matrix in a minesweeper game provided we cannot keep the bugs in the cells surrounding a bug. EX:
ROUND 4:This is just one possible combinations. Try all the possible combinations and find the maximum count.

What is the meaning of your name ?
What kind of books you read?
Who is your inspiration and why ?
What is your father and mother doing?
Write a program to find the mirror image of a tree.
Write a program to find all the pairs of numbers between 1 and 1000 that satisfy the following condition If the sum of divisiors of A is B then sum of  divisors of B is A.
Ant puzzle problem. In a triangle three ants lie at each corner. If the ants move along the edges of a triangle. What is the probability that they do not collide each other.
If a fruit seller has initially 2000kg of watermelons in the morning out of which 99% is water. In the evening the watermelons shrink and the total water content is 98%. If none of the fruits are sold find the total weight of fruits.
Who will win the game ?X or O
Given 12 words each of three letters. If I tell you a single letter of my secret word then you can say the total number of vowels in my secret word. What is my secret word?

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