Linked Lists - Single, Double and Circular

  1. Linked List
  2. Stack
  3. Queue
  4. Binary Tree
  5. Binary Search Tree
  6. Heap
  7. Hashing
  8. Graph
  9. Advanced Data Structure
  10. Array
  11. Matrix
  12. Misc
Linked List:
Singly Linked List:
  1. Introduction to Linked List
  2. Linked List vs Array
  3. Linked List Insertion
  4. Linked List Deletion (Deleting a given key)
  5. Linked List Deletion (Deleting a key at given position)
  6. A Programmer’s approach of looking at Array vs. Linked List
  7. Find Length of a Linked List (Iterative and Recursive)
  8. How to write C functions that modify head pointer of a Linked List?
  9. Swap nodes in a linked list without swapping data
  10. Reverse a linked list
  11. Merge two sorted linked lists
  12. Merge Sort for Linked Lists
  13. Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size
  14. Detect and Remove Loop in a Linked List
  15. Add two numbers represented by linked lists | Set 1
  16. Rotate a Linked List
  17. Generic Linked List in C
Circular Linked List:
  1. Circular Linked List Introduction and Applications,
  2. Circular Linked List Traversal
  3. Split a Circular Linked List into two halves
  4. Sorted insert for circular linked list
Doubly Linked List:
  1. Doubly Linked List Introduction and Insertion
  2. Delete a node in a Doubly Linked List
  3. Reverse a Doubly Linked List
  4. The Great Tree-List Recursion Problem.
  5. QuickSort on Doubly Linked List
  6. Merge Sort for Doubly Linked List

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