HCL Interview Experience

First Round - AMCAT

They said it was scheduled interview and called at 10:00 AM. When I reached there were around 100 candidates waiting. They asked to wait in a room. I had to wait for 5 hours before my turn come. In between they asked we can have lunch at the cafeteria. Food at the cafeteria was very bad. I was fleeping sleepy after having that food ;):

Then met interviewer. He was taking taking interview of 6 candidates at the same time. He gave 4 set of programs to every candidate and asked to solve that.
1) Find the Merge point of two linked lists.
2) Swap two bits of integer.
3) Reverse individual words of the sentence.
4) Reverse sting without using temp string.

He didn’t asked about the project exp. Over all it was a bad experience at HCL Bangalore. Sitting idle for 5 hr was horrible.

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