Amcat Previous Years Latest Paper Computer Science

Amcat Previous Years Latest Paper Computer Science Question Bank

Amcat-Q1:  which of the following statement is not true about tagged union???
a)it is known as variant.
b)Only one data type is used at a time.
c)it holds value of a variable sized different data types.
d)the tag field determines which datatype is being currently used.

Answer : c

Amcat-Q2:  A robust program has which one of the following features?
Op 1 : It runs correctly on some inputs
Op 2 : It is robust to hardware damage
Op 3 : It can handle incorrect input data or data types.
Op 4 : None of these

Answer : op 3

Amcat-Q3:  For solving a problem, which of these is the first step in developing a working program for it?
Op 1 : Writing the program in the programming language
Op 2 : Writing a step-by-step algorithm to solve the problem.
Op 3 : Compiling the libraries required.
Op 4 : Code debugging

Answer : op 2

Amcat-Q4:  Neelam wants to share her code with a colleague, who may modify it. Thus she wants to include the date of the program creation, the author and other information with the program. What component should she use?
Op 1 : Header files
Op 2 : Iteration
Op 3 : Comments
Op 4 : Preprocessor directive

Answer : op 3

Amcat-Q5:  A variable cannot be used…
Op 1 : Before it is declared
Op 2 : After it is declared
Op 3 : In the function it is declared in
Op 4 : Can always be used

Answer : op 1

Amcat-Q6: What does isolation in Acid rules for transaction in database mean?
a)either the effects of whole transaction is reflected on database or database is rolled back to its original state
b)No transaction can interfere in the end result of another transaction
c)effects of a successful transaction must persist in a database
d)Every individual transaction must leave database in a cosistent state .maintaining the integrity of the database

Amcat-Q7:  Amit hs some knowledge about darabase normalization.He has created a table "customer",which has the following characteristics.
1)Table has transitive dependencies.
2)there are no partial dependencies in the table
3)There is no column with redundant data in the table
In which normal form is the table?

Amcat-Q8:  Parthiv has included several classes and their object in his project.Now he wants to use something that will hold all these objects of different classes which of the following option provides best alternate?
1. store them in data base
2. Final Class
3. Genric Class
4. Anonymous Class

Amcat-Q9: Which of the following statements is incorrect?
a)Bridge is a combination of hardware and software to link two similar network
b)Gateway is a combination of hardware and software to link two different types of network.
c)Bridges are faster than Routers
d)Gateway operate at network and transport layer of the OSI mod

Amcat-Q10: when dealing with a function call,which DOES NOT matter
a)no.of Formal,informal parameters
b)return type of function
c)data type of formal,informal parameters
d)operation done in function body

Amcat-Q11: which is used to convert source code to target language
a) linker
b) compiler
c) executer
d) loader

Amcat-Q12: How many pointers will have to be changed/updated if a node is deleted from a linear linked list?
opt(a) 0
opt(b) 1
opt(c) 2
opt(d) all pointers will be changed

Amcat-Q13: A derived class may inherit from the base class which of the following? member
b.member functions
c.costructor and destructors
d.both a and b

Amcat-Q14: To implement virtual functions...what should be used
a) dynamic dispatching
b) static dispatching
c) static binding
d) anonymous classes

Amcat-Q15: Which of the following options is true with regard to private and protected members of a class?
(a)Both have the same properties with regard to an object of the class.
(b)Private members cannot be directly accessed, while protected members can be directly accessed.
(c)Protected members cannot be accessed by member functions, while
private members can be accessed by member functions.
(d) Private and protected members are same in all regards

Amcat-Q16: Piyush used a hashing function that resulted in collision. Since backtracking will take up a lot of time, he decided to use a collision resolution technique. Which of the given techniques can he use for the same?
1. Open Addressing
2. Simulation
3. Chaining
a)Only 1
b)Only 3
c) Both 1 and 3
d) Both 2 and 3
e) Both 1 and 2

Amcat-Q17: Which of the following statements are incorrect?
a)overlapping is to use the same block of internal storages during different stages of a program
b)Semi conductor memory is a volatile memory
c)maskable interrupt can be temporarily ignored by the system
d)Flip-Flop is not a magnetic memory

Amcat-Q18:  Som writes a piece of code where a set of three lines occur around 10 times in a different parts of your program. What programming concept can he use to shorten program code length?
a) use for loops
b) use functions
c) use arrays
d)use classes

Answer : b

Amcat-Q19:  A Vehicle and an engine have a ________________________.
A) Is – A relationship
B) Has – A relationship
C) No relationship
D) Polymorphic relationship

Answer : B

Amcat-Q20: What is the term given to the memory allocation that takes place during run time rendering the resizing of an Array?
(a)Static Allocation
(b)Dynamic Allocation
(c)Automatic Allocation
(d)Executive Allocation

Amcat-Q21: Ritika was asked to include concrete objects in her project. Which of the following statements clearly states about the concrete objects?
(a)All the objects created as the instance of a class
(b)Objects created using the new keyword
(c)Variables and objects that follow the concrete keyword
(d)Objects created under conditional statements

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