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Find all eLitmus Previous Papers based on previous elitmus Placement Papers and eLitmus Sample Papers, elitmus Question Paper from previous years exams and 2017 paper for eLitmus Papers Download PDF for eLitmus. eLitmus model papers Quants, English, Analytical Reasoning and Computer Science. From past 10 years eLitmus test papers and question papers, elitmus previous question papers.

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Around 25% Questions from here in Each eLitmus exam: elitmus Question Papers Previous Year 

eLitmus Sentence Completion Questions with answers - 1 (Based on Subject-Verb agreement)

eLitmus Sentence Completion Questions with answers 2  (Based on vocabulary)

eLitmus Paragraph Jumbles Questions with answers

Problems on Cryptography Based Questions with solutions for eLitmus

eLitmus Previous Logical Reasoning Questions

Arrangement Based Questions with solutions for eLitmus

    Data Sufficiency Based Questions with solutions for eLitmus

    eLitmus Sectional Topic Wise Questions

    Sub- Topics - Approx Ques
    Total Questions

    eLitmus Quantitative Aptitude Questions Syllabus
    • Number Systems - 4 Ques
    • Averages - 2 Ques
    • Percentage & Interest - 1 Ques
    • Time, Speed & Distance - 2 Ques
    • Geometry - 3 Ques
    • Coordinate Geometry - 1 Ques
    • Logarithms - 1 Ques
    • Quadratic Equations - 2 Ques
    • Perm. & Comb. - 3 Ques
    • Misc - 1 Question

    20 Questions

    eLitmus English Question paper Syllabus
    • Paragraph Jumbles - 3 Ques
    • Eng. Usage Vocabulary - 3 Ques
    • Eng. Usage Subj- Verb - 4 Ques
    • Reading Comp. - 2x4 Ques

    20 Questions

    eLitmus Logical and problem solving Quesion paper Syllabus

    • Data Sufficiency - 4 Ques
    • Cryptarithmetic Problem - 3 Ques
    • Arrangement Problem - 4 Ques
    • Bar/Pie Chart Probs - 4 Ques
    • Misc - 5 Ques

    20 Questions

    Elitmus Score vs Percentile

    The best way to prepare for eLitmus is studying from preparation materials and mock test papers for ELITMUS, as observed in the previous year elitmus placement papers the question paper and syllabus hasn't been published on the website, Since they are repeated over many years. To score around 100% eLitmus Materials for studying will be very vital. You can check eLitmus solved question papers in PDF with solutions for the test.

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